Poems, Published Work

Living Alone: An Experiment

Lonely the loquacious rain; lonely spring-
loaded; lonely faking a yawn and curling

its arm around you. Lonely in the morning
trying to put socks on toes with loose nails.

The fridge-raider, lonely. Lonely over-
thinks it; lonely the pickpocket in

fingerless gloves, a lovely hand on your leg.
Lonely forgetting to call lonely back.

Lonely ticking friendship on dating sites
and meaning it; lonely assiduously

taking notes. Lonely at the party,
mind kept running outside, driver screaming

‘go!’; the front-page splash, mics pistoling you
on your doorstep, begging for a quote. Lonely

the cut-out sprung in a house of horrors
as a prank. Lonely smashing its head

over and over into a mirror
in its last-ditch attempt to vanish.

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