Barbican Poets' Showcase 27/03/13
© Sarah Ainslie

The showcase at the Barbican was incredible.

I have two poems in the anthology – The Invention of Snow, and Ptolemy, which I read at the showcase. You can view a .pdf of the whole anthology here:


Barbican Poets’ Showcase 27/03/13

Articles and Reviews

‘Songs of Steelyard Sue’ by J.S. Watts


-Reviewed by Cameron Brady-Turner

Songs of Steelyard Sue Cover

In Songs of Steelyard Sue J.S Watts offers up a curious clutch of poetic parables filled with pathos and wit. Centred solely around the eponymous character, the poems document the life of this strange mechanoid creature, born from the detritus and debris left by a failed human race, as she clanks around her junkyard home searching for meaning and distraction. SF poetry was completely new to me, and I was not sure how Watts would translate a steely, barren dystopia and the story of a robot into the kind of aesthetic I tend to expect from poetry; before reading I was put in mind of Marc Redfield’s comments on how ‘the subject of language, ‘man’, becomes the subject of judgement and the ideal of beauty’ in conventional aesthetics. But I was pleasantly surprised; Watts seems to have a lot of fun negotiating and playing with…

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