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Credit: Susana Sanroman

Credit: Susana Sanroman

Here’s the poem on Kumquat:

I read this recently at March’s ‘Brain Waves’ Barbican Weekender arranged to celebrate advances in neuroscience and the human mind. I offered up this on dreams. As someone who thinks in words, dreams often feel like they are hiding more than they let on – like coming across a word you’re familiar with but can’t remember the meaning to, or experiencing that tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon where you can’t find the word to articulate what you mean. That’s what this poem’s weird aesthetic attempts to capture. It was good fun reading on the day alongside visual art put together by Reza Ben Gajra; there was Blair Witch footage, ominous plug-holes and skulls.

And happy world poetry day, all! Come to the Barbican on the 27th and I’m reading a much less obscure but similarly unwieldy poem about going to Alpha meetings as a fresher. It’ll be good.